Our Philosophy

We designed SEQRPET's identity tag to offer the most effective personalized tag ever made, with the highest quality, to ensure the safety your pet.
We continuously seek to improve the technology used to facilitate the quick and safe return of your pet.
We have created the most advanced pet ID tag, equipped with the latest technology. The tag of trust because of its requirements and responsibilities. Find your pet no matter where you are in the world; 24/7. 
SEQRPET.ca for the security and the reliability.

A word from the Founder

Dear clients and animal enthusiasts, 
Thank you for the trust you have placed in me by choosing SEQRPET identity tag for its quality, efficiency and reliability.
The great affection that I hold for pets pushed me to create an identity tag and a website that will help you locate your animal and bring it home as soon as possible.
A happy return for Fido or Kitty makes an even happier pet owner!

Nathalie Dusseault

In memory of Jessy