SEQRPET is an efficient, affordable and user friendly device to safely watch over our pets.
The SEQRPET advantages:
  1. Personalized tags with their unique QR codes shipped from our supplier 72hrs after having placed the order on
  2. System is readily accessible and simple to use even without a “smart” device.
  3. With its QR code technology, access to the system can be obtained from anywhere.
  4. Innovative geo-locating service for your pet.
  5. Easy and efficient file updating from your “smart” device and or on
  6. Personalize information you wish to render accessible.
  7. File updating available at all times and from anywhere in the world.
  8. Downloading service available.
  9. Download PDF files in order to broadcast your animal's disappearance and or print lost notices to post.
  10. An e-mail is automatically sent out to the owner with the animal's location once the SEQRPET tag is scanned.
  11. A text message is transmitted to the animal's owner.
  12. Direct contact with the animal's owner is made once the SEQRPET tag is scanned with a “smart” device.
  13. A variety of models and colors to choose from.
  14. Compatible with any dog, cat or other domestic pets which you own.
  15. Simple, efficient, multifunctional, affordable and much more.

SEQRPET brings a substantial advantage over traditional animal identity tags by offering you, the discerning pet owner piece of mind knowing that your pets are as well protected against loss and theft as they can be. All pertinent information stored on the tag is readily accessible 24/7/365 and this, from anywhere in the world.