Tears of sorrow brought on when your pet goes missing are perfectly normal and I would struggle if my pets got lost since they are considered as extended members of our family.

Every year more than 10 million family pets go missing and unfortunately only 15% are found and returned home. Due to their inherent curiosity family pets that go astray can quickly find themselves in unfamiliar surroundings and great distances away from their home. A visible means of identity containing their pertinent information can make the difference between a safe return home or the sadness of having lost a friend.

This is the reason why I have perfected a multi-functional tag that will help you find your devoted friend safe and in the briefest of delays.

The SEQRPET identity tag is a must have.

Our system utilizes the latest technology that will ascertain that your lost or stray pet is quickly found. The SEQRPET tag incorporates the unique profile of your pet with all pertinent data that will help avoid a trip to the animal shelter or worse, euthanasia.

The SEQRPET identity tag is versatile as well, data can be updated without having to change the tag.

The beauty of the SEQRPET tag can be found in the small square with a mosaic pattern  called a QR code which contains all of the important information related to your pet. Each tag is unique due to its QR code which enables you to store much more information than on any other currently available animal tag. The following data such as your pets name, age, breed, color, eating habits, medical history and more can be uploaded not to mention several phone numbers, civic and electronic addresses, maps of your locality and pictures or videos can all be stored on this tag leading to a quick and safe return of your beloved pet should they go missing. Your pets complete file is accessible from anywhere in the world and at all times.

You only need to attach the SEQRPET tag to your faithful friend's collar, create their profile online and your work is done. Your pet's safety is now complete and you can rest assured that you've done the right thing.